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While swinging a sledgehammer might sound like a great way to vent your frustrations after a hard day, demolition work is difficult — and often dangerous. So, if you have an eyesore shed in the backyard, an old barn, a tear-down property or even an apartment building to level, you don’t need to break a sweat (or your arm.) Just call Osteen’s Load and Go.

We’re known for dumpster rentals and hauling, but we also do demolition on almost any size structure. Area contractors are very familiar with Osteen’s, and much of our demo work comes from them. For us, taking down and hauling away a multi-story building is all in a day’s work.
More recently, homeowners have realized the benefits of hiring an experienced crew — rather than a handyman — to take out that dilapidated, detached carport. They can call us instead for a trusted, licensed professional. Sean Osteen is a local Marine Corps veteran, so when we say we’ll do a job, we show up right on schedule and don’t leave until it’s done — and done right.

At Osteen’s, every employee is vetted — we don’t hire fly-by-night workers. Our crews are trained for the job, and they bring all the equipment they’re going to need. It’s not just an F-150 and a Sawzall either. When we do demo work, we’re showing up with a half-million dollars’ worth of machinery and gear designed for the job. We have the tools and expertise to expertly handle almost any demo project, so your property — and our crew — stays safe.

There are many things that can go wrong during a demolition. Falling debris, such as a piece of a wall or roof, could potentially damage nearby buildings, including your own home or your neighbor’s. Forgetting to turn off electrical power before ripping out walls can lead to shockingly unpleasant consequences. Breaking a water line can leave you without water for days. Driving a truck loaded with debris across your yard (and your septic field or sprinkler lines) is also a common cause of problems. Hiring someone with experience and training minimizes the chance of all sorts of issues you don’t ever want to deal with.
And while other similar businesses in the area are franchised (even some that advertise they’re “local”), Osteen’s is an actual local, independently owned company. If there’s ever any kind of issue, you’ll be dealing with the owner. Plus, it’s important to us to put the money we make back into the local community. That’s why we purchase everything we can locally, from equipment and supplies, right down to the oil in our trucks. We go out of our way to support local businesses, because we believe that’s the right thing to do.

Our team is experienced, well-equipped and insured, so you know that old barn or trailer on your property is going to disappear without a trace, and your job will receive proper handling. For reliable, safe and thorough demolition services, choose Osteen’s Load and Go.
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