4 Dumpster Rental Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you're renting a dumpster as a homeowner or for commercial use, sometimes things can go wrong. In fact, you may be surprised by the variety of issues that can occur during the rental process. Here are a few common mishaps and how renting with Osteen’s can help you avoid them. 


1. Choosing the wrong size. Renting a dumpster that's too small can result in needing a second dumpster, while too large a dumpster wastes money. Osteen’s Load and Go can help you assess your needs so you can right-size your rental. For example, if you know you’re going to be disposing of larger furnishings, such as sofas or sectionals, then a 16-yard dumpster is a good fit for those types of items. Or if you’re looking to remove lots of smaller items from a garage, a 12-yard dumpster is usually suitable for a typical cleanout. 

2. Failing to protect the driveway. If you request placing the rental on a driveway, we always protect it with wood so that it never makes direct contact with the surface. A full dumpster can be very heavy and may crack or damage driveways if left unprotected. Placing plywood underneath distributes its weight across the surface — and this simple precaution can prevent the need for costly repairs. We also offer a VIP Service for roofers that provides additional protection. For a small fee, we use magnets and a blower to thoroughly clean the job site and pick up any small debris — think of it like an affordable extra layer of insurance for your job site.


3. Disregarding prohibited items. Most dumpster rental companies have a list of prohibited items, such as hazardous materials. Failing to adhere to these guidelines can result in fines and additional charges. We’re happy to review your options for properly disposing of things like paints and solvents, electronics, batteries, appliances, medical waste, chemicals and light bulbs. If you have questions about any particular items you need removed, just give us a call.


4. Not asking about extra fees. Dump fees are charged by the landfill or disposal facility and are often passed on to the customer by the rental company. They can vary widely depending on the type of waste and the disposal site's pricing structure. Other companies may charge hundreds of dollars for delivery and pickup fees, but with Osteen’s transparent, flat fee pricing, you know exactly what you’ll pay and there are no surprise charges at the end of a job. 

Osteen’s Load and Go is a local-, family- and veteran-owned business, not a big corporate franchise like many other junk removal companies. And we pride ourselves on providing fast and professional service at an affordable price. Whether you're a roofer or contractor who regularly needs dumpsters or a homeowner looking to rent your first dumpster for a renovation or home cleanout, you’ll appreciate the value and personal touch we offer. Call for your free quote today.

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